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Squirrels may be cute, but...

Squirrels like to find warm safe places to shack up in the winter. Home attics and soffits make a warm hide out and safe nesting place for Squirrels.

Squirrels have sharp little teeth and can chew through wood, siding , cedar shingles, etc. to get into your home attic.

Once they set up shop in your attic and start breeding, your attic can turn into a horrible smelly mess. In the spring 1 pregnant squirrel can have up to 6 babies. With 2 breeding cycles per year, things can get messy quickly.

This could become a health concern and will also show up on inspections if you are selling your home.

Elementary Pest Management offers humane removal of squirrels. We also offer clean up and sanitation as well as exclusion work to keep squirrels out and prevent any future activity. We are certified, licenced and insured. We provide professional service at competetive pricing. Vancouver and Lower Mainland. Locally owned and operated. Call us today at 236-512-7378.

Trapped Squirrel Humane Removal Elementary Pest Management

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