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Aw RATS! The cold weather is here.

As the weather starts to cool, rodents will make their way indoors. Mice and rat infestations are a common problem in Vancouver and the lower mainland. Rats have 4-7 litters a year, while mice have an average of 8 litters per year. Rodent infestations can quickly get out of control! Eek!

Let Elementary Pest Management take care of your rodent problem!

We assess the infestation and implement an effective plan to rid your home/building of rodents. After the problem is solved we can also close off the points of entry.

We offer a friendly professional service with competetive pricing. We are licensed, certified, and insured. Elementary Pest Management, Trusted pest control in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland!

Call us today! 604-336-5933 (Office) or 236-512-7378 (Cel)

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